Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lindsey Blog #9
When we arrived to Paris, on June 25th, we immediately headed to our hotel. We stayed in the Nation district of Paris, located in the South Eastern part of the city. When we got there and situated our bags, took a little fifteen minute breather and we were off again. We found ourselves walking about forty five minutes until we reached a Jewish restaurant, where we started our experience with different foods. I am very open to trying new foods, but I found out very quickly that couscous is not appealing to my taste buds.

Pretty much the rest of this first day was spent walking around getting a tour of Paris by Dr. Bains. I really enjoyed going to some of the places that he took us to, because these were not typical places that you would find on a paid tour. We walked past the statue where the Bastille used to be located, Notre Dame, Square Georges Cain, City Hall (where the collage of legendary men created a picture of Charles De Gaul), and finally made our way to Esterina. This was a famous gelato shop located in more the ritzy part of Paris.

This is a picture of the gellato ice cream shop from outside.
I chose not to get ice cream, and of course this was a huge mistake. I had a small taste of Allie’s ice cream and realized that almond gelato may be the best thing that man has ever made. But after we finished walking around most of us decided to go back to the hotel and take a quick break until dinner.

Dr. Bains made reservations at a very elegant restaurant our first night in Paris. This was a treat for many of us and of course mentioning food gets all of us very excited anyways. Everyone met in the lobby at around 7:00 p.m. looking great. We may be a crazy loud bunch, but we definitely clean up pretty nice.

This is a picture taken at the restaurant. This is Kalen, Me, Becca, Kindahl and Allie.
Anyways we made our way to dinner and it was time for another taste test against the taste buds. Duck liver…not y favorite either. At least I tried?
After we left dinner, a few of us decided to take our chances on the public transportation and find our way to the Eifel tower. I just have one thing to say. Wow.

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