Monday, June 14, 2010

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There's a hell of a lot of freedom in this rock and roll circus... it's where all the freaks go - it's the environment for me. -Brian Molko.

“Rien dans les poches”, or Empty Pockets, is the name of the Circus, or as I have come to know “The Family Talent Show”, that my fellow students and I attended this past Tuesday night, June 8, 2010. As a child we all anticipate the day that the circus comes to town and here in France I found myself in the same state of eagerness. There is nothing quite like the sight of balloon animals, extra eerie clowns, balancing elephants or even the taste of cotton candy that melts in your mouth. At the circus, you immerse yourself into a sedated aura of ‘FREAK’. You want so badly to twist and turn, balance and juggle like the circus actors do. But of course, dreams never come true how you planned for them to happen. No, I didn’t get to eat my cotton candy at this circus. Rien dans les poches is a circus of true talent, appreciation for the simplicity of tricks and fundamentally a social atmosphere for all ages.

The urban nomads, or gypsys, that own and present the night of festivities, is brought forth with much tradition. Before entering the tent, where the acts perform, you get to spend time enjoying food, wine and friends. As I sat their on the picnic tables, enjoying my glass of vin rouge, I could not help but notice the glass dishware that was used to serve the food and drinks. How elegant of France to stand up and “Say No to Solo Cups!” It truly gives France its authenticated reputation of snooty. The scenery of being in the back woods, with twinkling lights hanging from tree tops and picnic tables for everyone to enjoy, really met the standards of old fashioned circus. Then very quickly it happened…we found the beef goulash, then apple cider, then some chocolate cake of course, and the enjoyment of the circus beamed from the faces of every student.

This is a picture of Kindahl, Rebecca and me during the time right before the circus began. "REPRESENT"--Texas Tech of course!

After finishing with the feast at the picnic venues, we made our way to the circus tent. Quickly we found out the definition of the French circus: creepy family talent show. Without the use of magnificent costume or thousands of dollars worth of lighting, the most basic items were brought into use and the ‘freaks’ performed. We got to watch as a women spun around a hula hoop, another women walked the tightrope, a man did a very comical hat/juggling/magic act and finally, my personal favorite, the one and only “pointless dancing performed by the little girl who wears leotards that don’t fit!” If you only knew what talent this young girl beholds. It is honestly something you must see in action in order to truly appreciate that kind of talent.

While watching these circus performers, I took a closer look at the importance of appreciating the simplicity of their acts and the atmosphere of the circus. This Romani family had truly given their entire lives to providing entertainment to others, and accomplished it without the use of bright costumes and eccentric objects. It’s a good feeling to know that you don’t need to have millions of dollars in order to put on a great show. I felt right at home listening to the extreme gypsy music, my cheap glass (‘s) of wine and enjoyment of company with friends and circus entertainment.

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